Wednesday, September 23, 2009

how to scan successfully for channels o my vizio hd tv?


i have a cox cable connection on my vizio hd tv screen i attached the cable to the wall and to the tv then went to tv and scanned for channels... well it takes a while to scan but doesn't find any channel's .. does anyone know if i have to change the in put to TV,AV1,AV2,COMP,RGB,HDMI1,HDMI2 or the source to cable or antenna (it seems pretty obvious but this stuff seems so confusing i dont even know where to start anymore) o and im pretty sure its not an hd cable


It is not necessarily true that a Vizio television does not have a qam tuner and even without it it should pick up some channels just not high def the tv should be on TV and you should do the scan under cable not antenna check the box to see if the tv has a qam tuner to recieve hd channels

Well going straight out of the wall without a box will not let you pick up chanels unless your TV has some sort or tuner (quam or some sort, which a vizio will not) so if you do not want to pay for an HD box or anything like that you can get some cheap rabbit ears/intenna and you can pick up HD local channels and some others and will look a LOT better than straight coax cable.

You will have to go to source and cable for the tv to scan all the channels and put it on it's memory.

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